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How Much Propane Will I Use?

One of the most common questions we get when someone is purchasing a propane appliance or using propane in a home for the first time for their primary heat, is “How much propane will I use?” Of course, there is no standard answer. It’s not like purchasing a vehicle and comparing fuel economy. However, there… Read more »

Is It That Time Already?

It is that time of year where you need to think about Winter heating and your propane needs. Here are a few items that might help you think of what you need to do to be prepared. Check your tank percentage. The Fall season is notorious for storms and power outages. If your tank is… Read more »

The “Loaded” Question

One question we get asked repeatedly is “Why am I paying so much more per gallon than my friend or neighbor?” There is no easy answer, but let’s look at what does affect your price per gallon. Propane rates vary based upon whether you own or lease your propane tank(s). If you own your own… Read more »

Reading Your Propane Gauge Accurately

Reading your Propane Tank Gauge to see if you need propane can be as simple as checking to see if you need milk. Here’s a simple “how-to” guide for you to check your tank gauge. Knowing how to read your propane tank gauge will help accurately relay the information to one of our Customer Service… Read more »

Propane Delivery: Behind the Scenes

Get an insider look at a typical day of propane delivery at Waltz & Sons! In our latest video, we take you from the moment we enter the office, through the post propane delivery process. Enjoy! The Propane delivery process doesn’t start when we pull into your driveway. At Waltz & Sons, there’s a process to ensure… Read more »