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Create an Outdoor Living Space with Outdoor Propane Appliances from Waltz & Sons

Waltz & Sons can help you transform you deck or backyard into an “after” scene from your favorite home improvement show, without hiring a landscape contractor, or spending a ton of money. After all, so many of the show’s “wow” moments and big reveals are fueled by one awesome, affordable, environmentally friendly ingredient: Propane! A… Read more »

A Quick, Low-Cost Way to Heat Up Cold Spots in Your Home: High Efficiency Rinnai Wall Furnaces

Do you have a room in your home or office that never quite warms up, no matter how high you crank up your heat? Maybe it’s the guest bedroom, the back bathroom, a work area in your garage, a home addition or an in-law apartment … a place that always seems to need an extra… Read more »

What You Need to Know About On Demand Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Tired of taking cold showers or a shower that starts hot and ends cold? Do you have children in your home and don’t have enough hot water to fill the bathtub? Tired of looking at that bulky electric hot water heater? Tired of hearing your boiler come on just to maintain your hot water temperature…… Read more »

Keeping your family safe: Winter Storms

  Keeping your family safe Important information about propane safety and WINTER STORMS   BE PREPARED FOR A WINTER STORM Make sure your propane tank, whether it is located above or below ground is marked properly by a flag, pole or stake that is higher than the expected snow cover depth for your location.  This… Read more »

It’s time to pull the plug on your old water heater!

Are you tired of running out of hot water? Does your furnace run year round to heat your hot water? Are you worried about the expense of replacing your hot water heater? Do you want to save money on your annual energy costs? Would you like to lower your CO2 emissions?   Installing a new… Read more »

Propane Delivery: Behind the Scenes

Get an insider look at a typical day of propane delivery at Waltz & Sons! In our latest video, we take you from the moment we enter the office, through the post propane delivery process. Enjoy! The Propane delivery process doesn’t start when we pull into your driveway. At Waltz & Sons, there’s a process to ensure… Read more »

Top 5 Propane Appliances

Propane appliances are a great alternative to electric ones, especially when the power goes out. With propane appliances installed, you’ll still be able to cook your food and stay warm! In our latest video, we go over the top 5 home appliances that use propane. The most popular home appliance to run on propane is… Read more »

What Can Convert to Propane

Do you have home appliances that currently run on natural gas? Did you know that most of your appliances can be easily converted to propane? In our latest video, we take a look at some of those appliances. Let’s start in the kitchen. One of your most important appliances is your refrigerator. It runs 24 hours… Read more »

Did You Know Waltz and Sons Sell Appliances?

At Waltz and Sons, not only do we provide installation and service, we also sell appliances!  Our licensed propane technicians can help you find exactly what you are looking for to make your buying and installation a smooth and easy experience. If it runs on propane, we can get it for you!  There are many propane… Read more »

What To Do if You Smell Propane

Do you smell propane inside? Propane leaks can originate from a variety of sources, whether you have propane heat, a gas stove, a propane generator, or more. Here’s a step by step safety guide for what to do if you smell propane. If you already have propane in your home, you already know how safe… Read more »