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Propane: Dependable Energy When You Need it Most

We’ll Help You Save All Year Long Keep proven propane comfort coming when the temperatures drop by arranging winter deliveries today. In addition to that peace-of-mind, you’ll also realize the cost savings and performance benefits of appliances that run on clean American-made propane. Propane Water Heaters lower energy costs up to 16% Set your propane… Read more »

Things to consider when purchasing a heat pump for your home

  Heat pumps are an increasingly popular primary heat source for new homes, as well as a replacement for existing heating systems. With the newly enhanced rebate program from Efficiency Maine and Federal Tax credits, you can save up to $10,600. They may look more attractive  than other heating sources such as propane. However, here… Read more »

Reduce Your Energy Costs

Tips for saving on your Electric Bill and Lower your Home Energy Rating (HERS) Looking for ways to reduce your energy usage? One of the tips below may be right for you. Turn Down Your Thermostat. It’s one of the most effective ways to cut your energy usage. You can save as much as 3% for… Read more »

Never Worry About Outages Again

  No one wants to come home from summer vacation to a hot house and a refrigerator full of rancid food. Or likewise, to a cold, dark home in the middle of Winter. Regardless of the time of year, when severe storms hit that knock out electricity, having a standby propane powered generator means you’ll… Read more »

Preparing for Every Possibility

Before, during, and after a flood, there are a few key things to consider to keep your family and your home as safe as possible. CREATE AN EMERGENCY PLAN Work with your family to create a plan in the event of a flood. As part of this effort, make sure to post contact information for… Read more »

2023/2024 Heating Season Payment Plans

Pre-Buy Program: We offer a pre-buy program for customers who use over 400 gallons/year. This is a “pay in advance” program to “lock in” your propane price for the heating season. We will estimate your usage based on your prior season’s usage. You will be put on automatic delivery for the season. The Pre-Buy program… Read more »

And That’s A Wrap

Now that Winter has wrapped up Spring is upon us bringing dreams of Summer. It’s time to think of projects on our wish list, and on our To Do list. Here are a few items that may be on your lists and what to keep in mind if they are. As we spend more time… Read more »

The “Elephant” in Your Yard

It’s finally Spring. Time to clean up the Winter mess, bring your yard to life, and maybe add some fresh new ideas to your home and gardens. You may wonder if there is any project that can make your propane tank stand out less. There it is, in all its industrial glory, in your yard,… Read more »

The Perfect Backup Plan

Heat Pumps seem to be coming a popular heating choice, especially now that there are newly designed Heat Pumps that work in the colder climates like ours. However, just as we all need some backup time to time, so does your Heat Pump. Propane Space Heat is the perfect backup for your Heat Pump System…. Read more »

Top Fails of 2022

As we look back over 2022, we would like to share a few of the unsafe situations we’ve seen trending. Please be sure to call us if you are ever unsure of an installation or have any propane related questions. We are always here to help, and if needed, come to your home for a… Read more »