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Do I Need a Licensed Gas Technician to Install My Propane Appliances?

  We understand that some homeowners want to do ‘DIY” projects to learn trades and to save money. You can run your own gas lines and install an appliance however only a licensed LP and Natural Gas Technician with an Appliance Installation & Service endorsement can put any new gas lines or gas appliances into… Read more »

How Much Propane Will I Use?

One of the most common questions we get when someone is purchasing a propane appliance or using propane in a home for the first time for their primary heat, is “How much propane will I use?” Of course, there is no standard answer. It’s not like purchasing a vehicle and comparing fuel economy. However, there… Read more »

Reading Your Propane Gauge Accurately

Reading your Propane Tank Gauge to see if you need propane can be as simple as checking to see if you need milk. Here’s a simple “how-to” guide for you to check your tank gauge. Knowing how to read your propane tank gauge will help accurately relay the information to one of our Customer Service… Read more »

Healthy Appliances Last Longer

If you have propane appliances powering your home, proper maintenance of your appliances is essential to keeping them running safely, more efficiently, and last longer. Here are some suggestions to help you properly maintain your propane appliances. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on recommended frequency and maintenance requirements for your appliance. Leave it to the… Read more »

You Want to Put My Tank Where?

Deciding on where to put your propane tank is a big decision, especially when you are placing larger tanks on your property. Not only do you want to choose an aesthetically pleasing location, but it’s also more important to ensure you place the tanks in a safe location that meets code requirements. Once they are… Read more »

The Great “Pilot” Debate

  Most fireplaces, free-standing stoves, and log sets have a standing pilot. The great debate is whether to leave a standing pilot on all year or turn it off for the months that the appliance is not going to be used. For the Pro argument, leaving the standing pilot on all year means that whenever… Read more »

Create an Outdoor Living Space with Outdoor Propane Appliances from Waltz & Sons

Waltz & Sons can help you transform you deck or backyard into an “after” scene from your favorite home improvement show, without hiring a landscape contractor, or spending a ton of money. After all, so many of the show’s “wow” moments and big reveals are fueled by one awesome, affordable, environmentally friendly ingredient: Propane! A… Read more »

What You Need to Know About On Demand Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Tired of taking cold showers or a shower that starts hot and ends cold? Do you have children in your home and don’t have enough hot water to fill the bathtub? Tired of looking at that bulky electric hot water heater? Tired of hearing your boiler come on just to maintain your hot water temperature…… Read more »