Introducing Where’s Waltz!

Enter Below to Win

Thanks for finding and scanning our truck/tanks! As you know, our trucks, sporting vibrant yellow tanks, are hard to miss as they roll through the community. We’ve heard from many of you about spotting our trucks, and we thought, why not turn it into a fun game? Fill out the form below to be entered to win a great prize!

The Monthly winner will have a choice of one of the following prizes:

  • Branded Carhartt Backpack Cooler w/ Insulated Cup
  • $100 on account to be used for our Propane Services
  • $50 gift card your choice (i.e. groceries, gas, etc.)


Share a picture of our truck or tank “in the wild” for a bonus entry. We’ll even feature these photos on our Facebook page! If you haven’t already, follow us ther for more updates and green living tips.

Your participation adds fun to not only your day but ours too!

Join the game, and let’s make “Where’s Waltz” an adventure!

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