Propane Vent Safety

If you have a propane heater installed in your home, it’s important to make sure it’s vented properly. 

Propane is an extremely safe option for heating your home, and understanding propane vent safety best practices is key to enjoying the benefits of propane heat, without worry. 

Check out this video to learn more about propane vent safety.

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How to Light the Pilot in a Propane Fireplace

“How do I light the pilot in my fireplace?” This is a question we hear often at Waltz & Sons.

There’s not much that’s cozier than enjoying a warm propane fireplace during the cold winter months. Knowing how to safely light the pilot is certainly key to being able to reap the benefits of your fireplace!

In this quick, easy to follow tutorial, we show you step by step how to safely light a pilot in a propane fireplace. 


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5 Reasons to Use Propane

Are you considering making the switch to propane? If so, you should! Propane comes with a lot of great benefits that you might not be aware of.

From cost savings and safety, to reliability, maintenance, and more – there are numerous benefits of using propane in your home.

Check out our video, “5 Reasons to Use Propane” & discover all of the top five reasons you should make the switch propane today.

There are plenty of propane perks that are worthy of mentioning, yet many people are unaware of just how amazing the advantages of using propane can be. For instance, for every gallon of propane you use, you get more BTU’s to heat your home, cook your food or dry your clothes compared to other fuels.

And propane is one of the most reliable fuels available today, especially when the power goes out. Propane has been slated as the safest way to heat your home – plus  propane has been considered a “green” energy source since 1990, when it was added to the Clean Air Act list.

These are just a few of the many great reasons to use propane. If you have any more questions about the benefits of propane or propane in general, leave us a comment here, or contact us today.

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What to Expect During a Site Survey

Are you thinking about switching to propane but are nervous or unsure about what to expect during a site survey?

Free Propane Site SurveyIt’s really a simple process that begins with a licensed propane technician arriving promptly at your home for a scheduled FREE site survey.

Whether you have already purchased a propane appliance or product or are looking for a recommendation, our technician will help you determine the best propane solutions for your home.

Our technician will evaluate and explain the best locations for your propane appliance or product and how the gas lines will be installed. Next, our technician will determine the best tank location keeping in mind safety and delivery requirements. Clear paths are crucial especially during Maine’s tough winters to ensure that you can receive your scheduled propane deliveries. Our technician will also go over the State and Federal requirements for LP tanks and systems with you and answer any questions you may have.

Finally, you can expect a timely response for an estimate. The best part is that Waltz and Sons will not send a salesman to your home…the technician that does the site survey is usually the same one that will install your appliance or product. Contact Waltz and Sons today to set up your FREE site survey.

Pros and Cons of Leaving a Pilot Lit During Off Seasons

imagesOne of the most commonly asked questions we get at Waltz and Sons is: “What are the Pros and Cons of leaving our pilot lit during the off season?”

Lets start with the Cons since that is what customers typically worry about the most.


* Usually burns 5-8 gallons of fuel a month.

* Produces a small amount of heat.

* Not all customers are familiar or comfortable trying to light a pilot.

Now let’s consider the Pros of leaving your pilot lit during the off season:


* Deters animals and insects from building nests in and around appliances and venting systems. These nests often create service issues and cost you time and money to have a propane technician come to your home to clean and service your appliance.

* Prevents moisture in the air from causing corrosion and keeps your appliances in better working condition and lasting longer.

* Ensures that the pilot assembly stays clean and requires less service. While the choice is always yours, our service team has the experience and knowledge to say that the pros definitely outweigh the cons for our customers.

Leaving your pilot lit during the off season will not only save you money on service and maintenance, but will also keep your appliances in better working condition. If you have any service issues with your propane appliances, please contact us at Waltz & Sons.

It’s Time to Replace Your Hot Water Heater!

tanklesswaterheaterI don’t know about you, but taking a cold shower just doesn’t make me happy. Have you thought about replacing your older, less efficient hot water heater?

When you install a new, energy efficient propane water heater, you will use less energy, save money, and reduce your carbon footprint.

On Demand Propane Waters Heaters only heat when needed and deliver endless hot water, which means you wont run out even when filling up a larger soaker tub!!!!

With an average savings of $150 a year compared to electric units, propane water heaters are a smart choice for Maine residents.

And while we become more aware of our environment, turning to a cleaner energy source like propane only makes sense. Propane water heaters produce 50-60% lower carbon emissions compared to electric storage tank systems.

On Demand Water Heaters are also smaller and take up less space in your home or can be mounted outside for a small seasonal home or camp.

Contact Us at Waltz and Sons today to set up a FREE Site Survey and start saving today!!

Getting Ready for Winter

fireplaceIt’s hard to believe with 90 degree days still fresh on our minds that winter is fast approaching, but as all Maine residents know, now is the time to start getting ready for winter.

Has the pilot to your propane fireplace been shut off all summer? If you would like to save yourself service dollars, follow these easy steps to light your pilot and start enjoying the warmth your fireplace has to offer:

1. Check to make sure you have propane

2. Make sure there is no gas smell near your fireplace

3. Remove or lower the access panel from the front of your fireplace

4. Locate the ON/OFF switch and turn it to the OFF position. (If there is no ON/OFF switch, then set the thermostat to the lowest setting) Also locate the Ignitor button

5. Make sure the gas supply shut off valve is open

6. Push in the gas control knob slightly and turn it clockwise to OFF

7. Wait 5 minutes for the remaining gas to clear out

8. Push in the gas knob slightly and turn counter-clockwise to PILOT

9. Push the control knob all the way in and hold. Push the RED or BLACK ignitor button repeatedly until the pilot lights. HOLD THE CONTROL KNOB FOR 1 MINUTE AFTER THE PILOT LIGHTS TO LET THE SAFETYS WARM UP. Release the knob and the pilot should stay lit.

10. Turn the knob to the ON position and now your fireplace is ready to be used REPEAT step 6-9 if the pilot goes out or won’t stay lit.

If you have any issues lighting your pilot, please Contact Us  at Waltz and Sons today!