Brand Name Propane Appliances

At Waltz & Sons Propane, we want everyone in Maine to bring home the power of propane. As one of Maine’s only “propane-only” supplier focused exclusively on residential homes, we offer expert advice and exceptional indoor propane heaters, gas fireplaces and propane space heaters, and high-performance propane appliances like propane on-demand hot water heaters, gas dryers, hearth products and more.

Whether you are adding new heating appliances, converting existing systems to propane, or looking for a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly fuel source, start with a FREE and accurate propane site survey from Waltz & Sons. You will find that we know all the available gas stove and indoor propane heater choices available to you. If there is a better gas fireplace for your family’s needs, we will make sure you know about it … and if we cannot supply it, we will help you find it!

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