Month: November 2022

Winter Safety Tips

  Propane systems are a safe, effective way to keep your family comfortable and your home humming all winter long. But it’s always important to make the necessary winter preparations to ensure the colder months go according to plan. These tips can help ensure your propane-powered heating systems and appliances work reliably when called upon… Read more »

The “How to Heat” Debate

When it comes to using less energy for heating your home, there are plenty of opinions about what to do. As a result, there are just as many myths regarding what will save money on your bills. This may lead you to wonder, what can I do to keep my energy bills low? Is it… Read more »

Light Your Pilot

  It’s the time of year you want to ensure that the pilot light on your fireplace, log set, or free-standing stove is on and your unit is ready to go.  For many, a fireplace or free-standing stove is the “heat of choice” for those chilly mornings when you don’t want to fire up your main… Read more »