Dig Safe

With warm weather approaching and cabin fever setting in, we know everyone has outdoor projects planned. Here are a few things to be aware of if a call to dig safe is part of those plans.

It is important to be cautious about any buried lines in your yard. Propane lines are typically buried a minimum 12” underground. The line is buried with tracer wire so it can be located if necessary in the future.

You are responsible for marking where the digging for your project will occur. Registered utility companies are responsible to mark underground lines they own and maintain within 72 hours of digging. If you own your propane tank and equipment and any of it runs underground, you’re responsible for contacting the propane company. Registered propane providers are only required to respond to Dig Safe requests for addresses they register with Dig Safe; meaning, customer owned tanks and equipment do not need to be registered, putting the accountability on you.

Not all propane companies are registered with Dig Safe. If you aren’t sure, please call your propane provider with any concerns. Of course, any questions can be addressed to Dig Safe directly by calling 811.