What to Expect During a Site Survey

Are you thinking about switching to propane but are nervous or unsure about what to expect during a site survey?

Free Propane Site SurveyIt’s really a simple process that begins with a licensed propane technician arriving promptly at your home forĀ a scheduled FREE site survey.

Whether you have already purchased a propane appliance or product or are looking for a recommendation, our technician will help you determine the best propane solutions for your home.

Our technician will evaluate and explain the best locations for your propane appliance or product and how the gas lines will be installed. Next, our technician will determine the best tank location keeping in mind safety and delivery requirements. Clear paths are crucial especially during Maine’s tough winters to ensure that you can receive your scheduled propane deliveries. Our technician will also go over the State and Federal requirements for LP tanks and systems with you and answer any questions you may have.

Finally, you can expect a timely response for an estimate. The best part is that Waltz and Sons will not send a salesman to your home…the technician that does the site survey is usually the same one that will install your appliance or product. Contact Waltz and Sons today to set up your FREE site survey.