What You Need to Know About On Demand Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Tired of taking cold showers or a shower that starts hot and ends cold? Do you have children in your home and don’t have enough hot water to fill the bathtub? Tired of looking at that bulky electric hot water heater? Tired of hearing your boiler come on just to maintain your hot water temperature… especially in the Summer!?!

If so, it may be time for you to consider an upgrade that will save you money and space in your home. Propane tankless water heaters only heat water when it is being called for in the home, saving energy by only heating what you need. Since they are heating as it is called for, it also is an endless supply of hot water.

These little units can save you space in your home. Their compact design can save between 9-16 square feet, making them perfect for smaller and multi-unit spaces. They have more possible installation options like closets, small spaces, or even outside the home.

Benefits of Propane On Demand Hot Water Heaters:

  • Compact – Saves 9-16 square feet of floor space
  • Endless supply of hot water  
  • Lower energy costs than typical electric storage water heaters
  • Lower CO2 emissions compared to electric systems
  • Scalable – great for smaller 3GPM systems but can also accommodate multi-unit systems with higher 4-5GPM systems

How Tankless Propane Hot Water Heaters Work:

A conventional hot water heater heats water 24/7, even if you aren’t using it. Over time, that water stored will cool and will need to be reheated – wasting energy. A tankless system heats hot water only when it is called on from the home. When you turn your hot water faucet on, the water is heated as it passes through the heater (to the temperature you have decided on). When you are done, and turn your hot water off, the unit goes into standby mode. If you are ready to stop running out of hot water, contact us and let’s talk about getting you switched to a tankless propane system. You could even qualify for a rebate through the Propane Gas Association of New England.