Propane Delivery: Behind the Scenes

Get an insider look at a typical day of propane delivery at Waltz & Sons!

In our latest video, we take you from the moment we enter the office, through the post propane delivery process. Enjoy!

The Propane delivery process doesn’t start when we pull into your driveway. At Waltz & Sons, there’s a process to ensure safety, accuracy, & efficiency with each propane delivery. 

We began each day checking into the office & picking up delivery tickets. 

Before we head out to deliver propane, we perform safety checks on our delivery trucks – and then we’re on our way. On any given day, we could have 15 to 50 propane delivery stops per truck!

When we arrive at our customer’s location, we back our propane delivery trucks into the driveway to the closest location to the propane tank. It’s important for customers to make sure there’s a clear & safe walking path to their propane tanks. 

Once we reach the propane tank, we’ll check it for safety and also check to confirm a propane delivery is needed. 

Once confirmed, we’ll pull the hose out to the propane tank, connect up and start the “delivery”. This part takes anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.

When the delivery is complete, the propane tech/driver will go back to the truck & print out a delivery ticket. After the ticket is filled out, it’s brought back to the office.

The propane delivery ticket will be connected to the customer invoice, which is then either mailed or emailed to the customer depending on their preference. 

At the end of the day, the driver will  run a post trip inspection on their propane delivery truck, and bring all delivery tickets into the office, where they’ll process all of the tickets for the day.

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