Top Fails of 2022

As we look back over 2022, we would like to share a few of the unsafe situations we’ve seen trending. Please be sure to call us if you are ever unsure of an installation or have any propane related questions. We are always here to help, and if needed, come to your home for a free site survey.

Heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular and with their popularity comes the problems of installations not meeting propane code requirements. Your Heat pump condenser must be a minimum of 10 feet from your propane tanks, and a minimum of 5 feet from any propane regulators. This picture shows an unsafe installation as the tanks are less than 10 feet from the condenser. Not only is this illegal and extremely unsafe, but it will also result in costs to re-locate either your propane tanks or heat pump condenser.

With the rising costs of energy, some people take it upon themselves to disconnect our tanks, and connect the regulator to their BBQ grill tanks, or cylinders. Not only is this illegal, but it creates a very unsafe situation as the system has not been tested by a licensed professional. Also, in this case, the rusty tank is out of certification and should be condemned.

Due to the tight labor market and waiting times on installations, we have seen an increase in non-propane companies performing installations. In some cases, due to the lack of experience, they create unsafe installations. In this case, the line should be supported as snow & ice could make this unstable, and possibly create a leak in the piping. Always ensure that anyone working on your propane system is licensed, and always notify your propane supplier so that they can ensure the system is properly tested and documented.

Lastly, we ask that you always have a clear path to your propane tank in order that our delivery drivers can make a safe delivery. We thank you very much for keeping our drivers safe.