You Want to Put My Tank Where?

Deciding on where to put your propane tank is a big decision, especially when you are placing larger tanks on your property. Not only do you want to choose an aesthetically pleasing location, but it’s also more important to ensure you place the tanks in a safe location that meets code requirements. Once they are set, and filled, they are extremely heavy and hard to move.

One of the most common incidents that we’ve noticed for not meeting code requirements is when a heat pump system is installed. A heat pump’s outside condenser must be a minimum of 10 feet from your propane tank(s) or 5 feet from your regulator.

Vertical propane tanks, and 120-gallon horizontal propane tanks, may be placed right next to your home. A maximum of (4) 120-gallon tanks may be placed in a group at one location.

These are the important clearances to keep in mind for a vertical tank(s) location that are filled on-site:

  • 5 feet from any opening into a building. I.e… Windows, doors, dryer vents
  • 10 feet from any source of ignition such as those listed below
    • Outside Heat Pump condensers
    • Generators
    • Electrical outlets
    • High intensity lights
    • BBQ grills
    • Power vented appliances such as boilers and furnaces
    • Window A/C units
    • Direct vent intakes, such as a fireplace or water heater.

In addition to the above code requirements, if you choose to have a horizontal tank that is 250 gallons or larger, these are some additional requirements:

  • Minimum of 10 feet from any “important buildings”.
  • Minimum of 10 feet from property lines and roadways, including driveways

Other considerations include:

  • 120-foot maximum distance from tank(s) to delivery truck location.
    • This includes going around corners, etc.
  • You are responsible to keep a path clear to the tank(s) in order for us to make a safe delivery.

Also, there are clearances for your LP gas regulators, and vehicle protection may be required.