Getting Ready for Winter

fireplaceIt’s hard to believe with 90 degree days still fresh on our minds that winter is fast approaching, but as all Maine residents know, now is the time to start getting ready for winter.

Has the pilot to your propane fireplace been shut off all summer? If you would like to save yourself service dollars, follow these easy steps to light your pilot and start enjoying the warmth your fireplace has to offer:

1. Check to make sure you have propane

2. Make sure there is no gas smell near your fireplace

3. Remove or lower the access panel from the front of your fireplace

4. Locate the ON/OFF switch and turn it to the OFF position. (If there is no ON/OFF switch, then set the thermostat to the lowest setting) Also locate the Ignitor button

5. Make sure the gas supply shut off valve is open

6. Push in the gas control knob slightly and turn it clockwise to OFF

7. Wait 5 minutes for the remaining gas to clear out

8. Push in the gas knob slightly and turn counter-clockwise to PILOT

9. Push the control knob all the way in and hold. Push the RED or BLACK ignitor button repeatedly until the pilot lights. HOLD THE CONTROL KNOB FOR 1 MINUTE AFTER THE PILOT LIGHTS TO LET THE SAFETYS WARM UP. Release the knob and the pilot should stay lit.

10. Turn the knob to the ON position and now your fireplace is ready to be used REPEAT step 6-9 if the pilot goes out or won’t stay lit.

If you have any issues lighting your pilot, please Contact Us  at Waltz and Sons today!