It’s Time to Replace Your Hot Water Heater!

tanklesswaterheaterI don’t know about you, but taking a cold shower just doesn’t make me happy. Have you thought about replacing your older, less efficient hot water heater?

When you install a new, energy efficient propane water heater, you will use less energy, save money, and reduce your carbon footprint.

On Demand Propane Waters Heaters only heat when needed and deliver endless hot water, which means you wont run out even when filling up a larger soaker tub!!!!

With an average savings of $150 a year compared to electric units, propane water heaters are a smart choice for Maine residents.

And while we become more aware of our environment, turning to a cleaner energy source like propane only makes sense. Propane water heaters produce 50-60% lower carbon emissions compared to electric storage tank systems.

On Demand Water Heaters are also smaller and take up less space in your home or can be mounted outside for a small seasonal home or camp.

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