Old Man Winter is Here. Be Prepared.

girl looking out winter window - waltz

The cold weather has arrived so please keep the steps below in mind to achieve maximum safety this season:

  1. Always maintain a clear and safe walking path to your propane tank.
  2. Your driveway needs to be maintained in order for us to make a safe propane delivery with our delivery truck. This includes plowing, sanding, and salting when applicable. If our drivers feel that they cannot make a safe delivery, you will not receive your scheduled delivery at that time.
  3. Have your propane tank filled before the cold weather arrives.
  4. Make sure you have enough propane. Contact us today about our Keep-Full plan. If you’re responsible for monitoring your propane supply, check the gauge on the tank regularly and give us a call before the propane level gets too low. We suggest you call us when the tank gauge reads between 30%-40%.
  5. If you are a COD or Will Call customer, please refer to your schedule in order to ensure you call for a delivery. If you do not have a schedule, please call us so we can get one to you.
  6. If you run out of propane, call us immediately. Waltz & Sons Propane will need to inspect and test your system before turning the propane back on.
  7. Keep outdoor vents, chimneys, and flues clear of ice, snow and debris.
  8. Never use outdoor appliances indoors. Keep grills, generators, and patio heaters outdoors.

Please call us at 207-929-8898 if you have any questions regarding Winter Propane deliveries.

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