Propane: Dependable Energy When You Need It Most

We’ll Help You Save All Year Long

Keep proven propane comfort coming when the temperatures drop by arranging winter deliveries today. In addition to that peace-of-mind, you’ll also realize the cost savings and performance benefits of appliances that run on clean American-made propane.

Propane Water Heaters lower energy costs up to 16%

Set your propane storage tank water heater at 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and you’ll lover your energy costs up to 16% compared to an electric storage tank model. Want to save even more? A Propane tankless model only heats water as it’s used, slashing energy costs by up to 50%.

Lower your annual heating costs up to 10%

Propane furnaces provide significantly warmer air than electric heat pumps and lower annual energy costs. You can reduce your heating costs even more by installing a programmable thermostat in your home.

Real Flames, and up to 90% efficient

Propane fireplaces are up to 90 percent efficient, compared to just 15 percent for wood burning fireplace. This makes them an ideal secondary heat source, providing efficient heating similar to a furnace for individual rooms.

Dry your clothes for up to 20% less

Propane clothes dryers use energy more efficiently than electric models. To keep it running efficiently, empty the lnit filter after every load. A dirty filter restricts airflow, so clothes take longer to dry, using more energy. A full lint filter can also become a fire hazard.

Cooking with Propane can save you $80-$120 Annually

Propane ovens and ranges deliver precise temperature control, so, it’s not surprising that 96 percent of professional chefs prefer cooking with gas heat over electric. If you’re in the market for a new propane range or oven, choose an Energy Star-certified model, which uses less energy than standard models. 

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