Summertime is for getting ready for the next Winter

The heating season came to its official close at the end of May but it’s already time to get ready for next Winter! We take advantage of the Summer to do our maintenance work that needed both at our office and plant but also at your homes. Perhaps we set a tank in the Wintertime that has settled and leaning, or a heat pump or outlet has been installed over the Winter and now your system doesn’t meet code requirements. Summertime is the time to remedy these items, and more, to get ready for your deliveries next Heating season. It is also the time to purchase pre-buy gallons or set up a Budget Plan.

We set tanks all year long. Sometimes we must install a temporary set, such as for a generator installation where we couldn’t dig during the Winter, or on a base that wasn’t settled, and the tanks are now leaning. Our delivery drivers make note of accounts that need their tanks reset and that work is scheduled for the Summer Months.

Our delivery drivers also note possible code violations when they deliver. Many Heat Pump installers don’t consider the code issues regarding distance from your propane tanks during installation. If we find a heat pump installed within 10 feet of our tank, we will contact you so it can be resolved. Also, please note that all “sources of ignition” must be 10 feet from the tank as well. This includes electrical outlets, lights, and some appliance venting. If you have any questions, please call us.

Another item that is noted when we deliver is the condition of your tank. If we feel that your lid or tank is too rusty, it will be noted. We may replace the lid without contacting you, however, if we need to swap out the tank for a new one, we will contact you and schedule an appointment. There is no charge when we swap out rusty equipment.

Last of all we swap out any monitors that are not working to ensure they are on-line and reporting back to us correctly.

If you have any questions or issues with your Waltz & Sons propane installation, please contact us at 207-929-8898.